Farah Saleh

CPA, Tax Resolution Specialist, Entrepreneur

Farah Saleh is the founder of Lumen Tax Resolution, a fully virtual firm headquartered in South Florida and catering to clients globally. Specializing in tax advisory services tailored to service-based businesses such as attorneys, marketing agencies, consultants, and influencers, Farah understands the importance of personalized solutions. With a commitment to individualized attention, Lumen Tax Resolution collaborates closely with each client to comprehend their unique circumstances, goals, and obstacles, crafting bespoke tax advising services to address their precise needs.

In addition to personalized tax advisory services, Lumen Tax Resolution excels in tax resolution, offering assistance to taxpayers navigating complex matters with the IRS or state tax authorities. From IRS audits to tax liens and other tax-related challenges, Farah and her team provide effective solutions, alleviating clients’ tax-related stress and reducing their tax liabilities. With a mission to simplify the complexities of taxation, Lumen Tax Resolution stands as a beacon of support for clients seeking clarity and resolution in their tax matters.